Sercomar offers project drafting service all over Costa Blanca area . With a central office in La Nucía, we move around the whole area of Alicante to offer you our services.

Project drafting
We write projects for individuals and companies.

We have a highly-qualified team of architects, engineers, and designers, who define the design of a construction before its execution, develop the distribution of uses and spaces, materials used in building process, as well as work at the relevant technical justification in accordance with the required specifications of the applicable technical norm.
From the draft to the implementation project, we put on paper every client’s demand, stating the goals, deadlines, and the budget to be used.

Our project drafting includes different documents, such as specifications, economic study, environment impact assessment, plans, and estimates.

The full service includes:
● Viability study.
● Requesting the licenses.
● Project of the integral construction of a building or housing.

The company’s main goal is to convert a client into an active decision-maker, since for us client’s satisfaction is the highest reward. Once the client’s needs are identified, we start doing the viability study and working at the implementation project that includes the detailed information.

Our objective is to always offer a different service with an emphasis on the image, service, and quality, because the clients’ contentedness is our ‘everything’.

Among numerous works offered by Sercomar one can mention the following ones:
• Viability study
● Informative studies
● Environment impact assessment
● Drafts
● Basic projects
● Tender projects
● Layout projects
● Construction projects
● Reinforcement and structure rehabilitation projects
● Studies and projects on level crossings suppression
● Acoustic studies and a project on the anti-noise windows
● Liquidation projects


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Multiservices, rehabilitation and construction
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    Project drafting
    We write projects for individuals and companies.

    Our team of expert architects, engineers and designers will translate all your requirements into paper; Specifying objectives, materials, deadline and budget. Our highest priority is the quality and satisfaction of our customers.

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    Civil works
    We are professionals with a long experience in civil works.

    We carry out various civil works project: urbanizations, parks and plazas, hydraulic works, pavements, drainage and retaining walls. We have the equipment and means necessary to carry out any construction with guarantees of success.

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    Building services
    Experts in residential building.

    We are specialists in: masonry, plumbing, electricity, air conditioning, carpentry, glassware, painting, etc. We have a specialized machinery to always meet the most demanding delivery times, quality requirements, safety and environment.

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    Functional gardens, sustainable and suitable to your budget.

    We offer all kinds of gardening services, and we take care of the design of your garden. Our technical team works to offer a careful service, with a great commitment to the client and excellent results.

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    Our experience in rehabilitation and restoration endorses us.

    We carry out all types of rehabilitation services: facade cleaning, cracks and cracks repair, restoration of railings or waterproofing of surfaces. We have specialized services for each type of repair and rehabilitation.

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    Interior design
    Furniture, lighting, textiles, wood and decoration.

    We design and decorate spaces adapting to your needs, style and budget. The personalized attention and care for the details are aspects that we like to attend.

Project drafting
Private and public spaces
Civil and private works
Interior design, landscaping and garden